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March 5 – Br Julian McDonald cfc

April 2 – Sr Leone Pallisier osu
“Come and See”

May 7 – Rev Professor Gerard Kelly
“We are not living in an era of change, but a change of era”. The Church in this change of era.

June 4 – Sr Patty Andrew osu   “Aspects of the mysticism of Teilhard de Chardin”

Sr Patty Andrew drew us gently into an encounter with the mysticism of Teilhard de Chardin. This great thinker, Jesuit priest and famous palaeontologist was ahead of his time but we are now starting to understand his synthesis of scientific awareness and Christian mysticism, the beauty and interdependence of the created and creative Universe. In Teilhard’s view we Christians are not to be alert to two, possibly conflicting realities, that of the created world and that of Christ, we enter into a relationship with both simultaneously, as it says in Col;1:17 “In him all things hold together”.

July 2 – Fr David Orr osb
“The Priesthood of the Faithful.”

We’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase ‘Priesthood of the Faithful’ without really being encouraged to explore its meaning in any depth – much less to experience its practical implications. In his reflection on this phrase, Fr David Orr, OSB, stressed that male and female Christian faithful have a right and duty by reason of their baptism to fully participate in the liturgy. Bringing his scholarly research to bear, he reminded us that the Eucharistic Celebration is not ‘Father’s Mass’; it is the action of Christ and the People of God.

August 6 – Sr Jo Brady rsj
“The Spirit of the Plenary and Me”

Sr Jo Brady RSJ explained the process undertaken in the Sydney Archdiocese to prepare for the plenary council and for the Synod on Synodality in Rome in 2023. The themes from consultations related to church governance, women’s participation, the formation and support for bishops, clergy and laity, renewal of liturgy, and making ours a welcoming, inclusive and listening church. Sr Jo explored media coverage of the council and prompted us to share our own diverse reactions, and our hesitations and hopes for the future.

September 3 – Sr Catherine McCahill sgs
“Hospitality and Gratitude” – drawing on the words from the gospel of John.

Catherine’s prayerful thought linked Jesus’ washing of the feet of his disciples in St John’s Gospel with material from Hugh Mackay’s recent book — The Kindness Revolution.   This approach led to some salutary exploration of  how we feel about accepting kindness  and giving it.   It also asked us to consider what could result from living as if we already have the kind of society for which we are hardwired which would be one based on kindness.

October 1 – Fr Paul Durkin
“Confessions of a Parish Priest” – What are some of the key learnings & observations?

Fr Paul who was ordained in 2011 after a career in Catholic education shared with us his vision of what a parish priest should be and his experience in this role. He emphasised that prayer was the foundation of the life of a priest, no priest can be too busy with parish tasks neglect this. And there are many tasks, leading and organising worship, and the provision of sacraments, care of parishioners, especially children in schools in the parish and the sick. (He has six schools in his parish including two for children with special needs.) As a leader he is assisted by the riches of the Catholic tradition, the priorities and spirituality of a diverse group of people can be accommodated. His job is not to impose his taste in music, devotional practice and the like, but to lead teams which can accompany people on their faith journey. We humans seek to be members of a community and he emphasises the need for hospitality, for welcoming people into communities within the parish.
A little aside, why do some people find a Mass in Latin more reverent?


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