Reflection Mornings

For those who can put a Saturday morning aside for themselves, Catalyst Reflection Mornings offer a beautiful experience amongst fellow seekers.

Typically, the morning follows this format: we begin with an input from our speaker, followed by a period of personal reflection, during which some people stay in the hall while others wander in the grounds. We try to maintain the silence, at least inside the hall. There follows another period of input and a second period of reflection. Finally, we gather for conversation with our presenter and each other.  Morning tea is available throughout.

We are truly blessed with the quality of presenters who make their time available to us: theologians, scholars and teachers.

Our Reflection Mornings are offered at two venues from March to October each year. On the first Saturday of the month, we gather in the Holy Name of Mary Parish Hall, adjacent to the grounds of the Marist Fathers at Hunters Hill. On the third Saturday of the month, we are at Lawson in the Blue Mountains, guests of the Good Samaritan Sisters in the hall near Our Lady of Nativity Church.

Click here for the Hunters Hill program

Click here for the Lawson program