CONVERSATION: A REFLECTION IN AID OF UNDERSTANDING THE GIFT – Michael Whelan SM It is quite remarkable the way the word “conversation” has become so much in vogue over the past ten […]

Bringing the Modern World

Bringing the modern world into contact with the vivifying and perennial energies of the gospel (John XXIII’s half century challenge) – Fr Frank Brennan SJ – 23 March 2012 In 1962, I moved […]

The Inaugural Rosemary Goldie Lecture

The Inaugural Rosemary Goldie Lecture Presented by Clifford Longley. Wednesday 9th May 2012. Synopsis This lecture follows story of the of the People of God, the laity’s status and involvement […]

The People of God and the World Today

The People of God and the World Today – Presented by Clifford Longley – Friday 11th May 2012 Synopsis Catholics old enough to have experienced the changes introduced since the Second Vatican […]

Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching – Presented by Clifford Longley – May 2 2012 Synopsis To explore this topic Clifford Longley commences with the premise that the ”two fundamental models of human development have […]

Development of a Mature Laity

Development of a Mature Laity – Presented by Clifford Longley – Friday 4th May 2012 Synopsis In defining ‘mature laity’ today, Clifford Longley looks back to the pre-Vatican II church.  He uses […]

Sexual Morality

PUBLIC FORUM ON SEXUAL MORALITY On Saturday July 14, Bishop Geoffrey Robinson addressed a public forum in Sydney. The forum was sponsored by Catalyst for Renewal and Aquinas Academy and […]