Danny Meagher and John Warhurst Reflect on Unity in the Church

Bishop Danny Meagher and Emeritus Professor John Warhurst spoke to an appreciative audience about “The Future of the Catholic Church: Creating Unity through Diversity” at a Q&A in the Crypt on Sunday 27th August 2023.

Bishop Danny, by starting his talk with some solid theology, laid a good foundation for the rest of his talk and for Professor Warhurst’s too. Both explored the areas in which diversity is not only accepted but even celebrated while also identifying some area’s where it is not.

Professor Warhurst explored the background to both the Plenary Council and the upcoming Synod. While happy with a change in approach he is looking for practical outcomes especially in matters concerning the rights of women and the inclusion of gay and gender diverse people.

To listen to an audio recording of both talks click here.

To read the notes from which Bishop Danny spoke click here.

Professor Warhurst’s paper has been published in Pearl’s and Irritations and can be read here.