The Call To Be Lecture Series presents

  •  6 October 2022 - 26 October 2022
     10:00AM - 12:00PM

presented by

Fr Michael Whelan sm  and  Sr Marie Biddle rsj

Four week course – Thursdays October 6th,13th, 20th, 27th  10am-12noon

total cost $100 including notes

Please register and pay here     or email

In this first unit we will develop ways of thinking about spirituality that enable us to explore a range of options on a solid intellectual footing. Human experience is the great teacher! There we discover grace at work. Participants will be enabled to develop effective processes for listening to what is happening in their lives and get into the habit of living life as an ongoing conversation.

“You have in you the ability to see God. He who formed you put in your being an immense power. When God created you he enclosed in you the image of his perfection, as the mark of a seal is impressed on wax. But your straying has obscured God’s image … You are like a metal coin: on the whetstone the rust disappears. The coin was dirty, but now it reflects the brightness of the sun and shines in its turn. Like the coin, the inward part of the personality, called the heart by our Master, once rid of the rust that hid its beauty, will rediscover the first likeness and be real … So when people look at themselves they will see in themselves the One they are seeking. And this is the joy that will fill their purified hearts.” [Gregory of Nyssa, Homilies on the Beatitudes, 6 (PG 44, 1270).  Cited by Olivier Clement, The Roots of Christian Mysticism, New City Press, 1995, 237.]



The Crypt
St Patrick’s Church
20 Gosvenor Street The Rocks
Sydney NSW 2000

Enter the Crypt via a gate east of the Church entrance (a few metres down the hill in Grosvenor St).