The Call To Be 2023 Lecture Series presents

The Christian Mystics: Pathfinders to the Spiritual
  •  3 May 2023 - 17 May 2023
     10:00AM - 12:00PM

presented by

Sr Patty Andrew  OSU

(Doctor of Education, Australian Catholic University)

May    3, 10, 17          10am – noon      cost $90

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In a recently published book, titled “Love’s Oneing,” our Australian Mystical Theologian, Dr. Kerrie Hide traces the continuous thread of mysticism in the Christian tradition. Her exploration centres on three broad themes all anchored in unitive consciousness or the word chosen by Kerrie, reflective of Julian of Norwich is “oneing.”

These are;

  • Beholding in Oneing
  • Suffering in Oneing
  • Communion in Oneing

Kerrie develops each of these themes by drawing on the writings of the Christian mystics.    The three-week presentation will focus on each of the themes in succession.

Week 1 – 3rd May: (10 am-12 noon)     Beholding in Oneing: Julian of Norwich: Author of the Cloud of Unknowing: Meister Eckhart

Week 2 – 10th May: (10 am-12 noon)     Suffering in Oneing: Mechthild of Magdeburg: Clare of Assisi: John of the Cross

Week 3 – 17th May (10am-12 noon)     Communion in Oneing: Teilhard de Chardin: Beatrice Bruteau: Ilia Delio

It is hoped that these 3 sessions will offer a substantial introduction to Kerrie’s scholarly work allowing us all to appreciate the richness and relevance of our Christian mystical tradition for our faith journey today



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