Spirituality and Mental Health How do we find happiness? – SIP at the Nott

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  •  8 May 2018
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John commenced his career as a primary school teacher
then Religious Education Coordinator in the Catholic school system. Twelve years ago he commenced working in Pastoral Care and dur¬ing that time attained a Bachelor of Theology. For the last five years he has worked at St Vincent’s Health in Mental Health as a Pastoral / Spiritual Care Practitioner.

Mahatma Ghandi wrote ‘The mind, the heart, the body, the soul – ideally they all work together. Too often you see them as separate – some you ignore, others you overindulge.

For any increase in your sense of wellbeing, all four need to weave in a deeper harmony. This harmony is what defines your personality, your character, the power of your unique presence. Striking a balance is the best formula for a happy life. Even after volumes of recent research into mindfulness techniques, emotional intelligence, diet and exercise control and various spiritualities, the simple wisdom of our childhood days still holds: all things in moderation and a healthy mind in a healthy body. To achieve this state of all-round balance, a serious commitment and a daily discipline are needed.’

Excerpt from ‘The Happiness Habit’ Daniel O’Leary The Columba Press 2016

Question. Is this achievable for someone living with mental illness?


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Join us for dinner from 6.00pm in the Uni Bar.


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