SIP 3D Day

  •  19 March 2022
     9:00AM - 12:00PM

A time of Discovery,  Discernment, and Development

It is a special day we hold every year but this year it will be via ZOOM and it is free!

Keynote speaker:              Br David Hall fms

Br David is the Dean at the ACU in the field of Faith formation and Religious Education.  He was formerly the Principal at Marcellin College Randwick; is leading an extensive professional development program for Catholic school leaders across 22 countries in Africa and last but not least is a staunch supporter of Spirituality in the Pub!

MC/Anchor:                       Susan Eichorn

Susan is our regular Anchor of the Spirituality on the Sofa series; is a gifted Secondary School teacher; is married with four young sons and is a member of Catalyst for Renewal

There will be a mix of presentations by Br David, small group sessions and an open forum time.

Issues to keep in focus:

  • The vision and mission of Spirituality in the Pub
  • The importance of “deep listening” in true conversation
  • What sort of church is SIP being in the world?
  • SIP as a relational, conversational experience that calls us to action
  • The ecumenical, interfaith dimension of SIP
  • Imagining a vision for SIP for the next 25 years.

To join us please click on

Meeting ID: 832 4747 5218          Passcode: 386590