My Spirituality – Then and Now – Central Coast SIP

A Forum to prompt open exchanges among the community of believers mindful of the diversity of expression of faith in contemporary Australia.
  •  1 May 2018
     7:30PM - 8:55PM

Speakers this month:

Pina Bernard: Married with three children, Pina began her working life in Information Technology. She later taught High School Religious Education and Mathematics before taking on the parish role of Sacramental Coordinator. Pina is currently a member of the Catholic Life & Faith Formation team for the Diocese of Broken Bay.

Cristina Gomez: A theologian and the Life, Charity and Social Development Coordinator for Broken Bay Diocese, in her youth Cristina was involved with Antioch. Later she studied theology and became a research fellow at Boston, and currently Charles Sturt. Cristina is particularly interested in issues connected with women, migrants, and the environment.