Am I Really Who I Think I Am? A short course for The Call To Be

  •  6 July 2022
     10:00AM - 12:00PM

Am I really who I think I am?

A Popular Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person

A three week course for The Call to Be

Presenter: Catherine Hammond BS in Ed, MA, MPh
Wednesdays July 6th, 13th, 20th 10am-12noon cost $90

WHO am I? WHAT am I? WHY am I?

Great thinkers down through the ages talk to us about what it means to be a living, loving person: Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Kierkegaard, Husserl, Hegel, Freud, Jung, etc.
In three two-hour sessions, participants will be invited to reflect on and discuss such questions as:
•    Is my self-image me?
•    Is there any truth to New Age thinking that we can create our own reality?
•    Can love make me a whole new person?
•    When my body changes (for example, through weight loss or a surgical make-   over or signs of aging) in what sense do I change?
•    In what way am I like other humans and in what way am I unique?
•    How am I related to other people, to the Source of my being and to my world, my universe?
•    In what way do I remain myself even when my relationships change?
•    Do I ever act in a vacuum, or do circumstances make all the difference?
Various philosophers have looked at the human person — you and I — in fascinatingly different ways. For example:
•   For Plato and Augustine: the human being is an understanding being open to experiencing the spiritual
•   For Aristotle and Aquinas: primarily a thinker and a doer, seeking perfection
•   For Behaviourists: primarily shaped by heredity
•   For Existentialists: primarily shaped by experience
•   For Hegel and Kierkegaard: primarily spirit
•   For Hume and Marx: primarily material
•   For Freud: strongly shaped by the sex drive
•   For Adler: strongly shaped by the power drive.

Note: this course is for the questioning adult. It presupposes no previous studies in philosophy. So come with your own questions!

Catherine Hammond holds a BS in education, a Masters in Literature and Creative Writing from Boston College and a Masters in Philosophy from Fordham University, N. Y. Her professional life centered around lecturing on a tertiary level and providing editorial services for publishers and authors. Her specialty is making the philosophy of the human person an exciting and enlightening topic for people from all walks of life. Catherine is a vice-president of Catalyst for Renewal.

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