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SIP/SOS 2022



Our 2022 Theme

“Being Heard”

Dates for your diaries

2nd March         “Being Heard” – The Call of the Enviroment and Climate Change

6th April             “Being Heard” – The call to Journey

4th May               The Role of Radio and Social Media

22nd June             Love and Light

6th July                Naidoc Week – Get up!  Stand up!   Show up!

3rd August           Lessons from the Plenary Council

7th September     Listening to the Heart

5th October          National Unity  Week – Listening to each other

Venue: From the comfort of your own home by Zoom/SIP/S.O.S 

7.30pm – 9.00pm

 CALL MAREA ON 0414 873 910      Email: mareadonovan@gmail.com
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“My Spirituality: Then & Now” – SIP on the Central Coast

The Grange Hotel
Cnr: Renwick St &
Pacific Hwy,

7.30pm – 9.00pm

1st Tuesday
of the month
March – October
2nd Tues in Nov.

Bistro meals at 5-30pm

We believe that all people experience and express spirituality in their lives whether they are churchgoers or not. We hope that through Spirituality in the Pub we will be encouraging conversation about spirituality amongst people as we join in this ongoing conversation.

For more information, please see any of the SIP Committee for 2018:
Carol Bailey, Terry Cooke, Maryke Keulemans, Grahame Lesha, Denise Sims, Tony Voller

March 6
Gwen Shave: Born during the Depression years in Young, Gwen later moved to Eastwood where the Methodist Church had a big influence on her life. She and husband Roy spent many years as missionaries in Fiji, Malawi, and outback Australia. Such experiences have enriched her life and shown her different ways of “seeing”.

Clive McCormack: A retired Civil Engineer from a Methodist background, Clive spent 10 years working overseas in various developing countries. He is married with 4 children and 11 grandchildren. A qualified Lay Pastor with the UC, his spirituality has been profoundly influenced by the wide variety of denominations of churches he attended in multiple cultures.

April 3
Frank Wortley: With a spiritual journey encompassing fundamental, charismatic and contemplative Christianity, Frank is currently reflecting on the New Cosmology, and how to think and speak about God and faith in an increasingly non-religious but spiritually interested world. His work centres on training Pastoral Carers to connect and serve within the public health system.

Joan Elliot: A very senior citizen who served with the Australian Women’s Land Army during WW2, the Women’s Royal Australian Army Corps in peacetime, Joan worked with the Australian Outward Bound Movement as Administrator and Director. After retiring, she served with St John Ambulance. Currently enjoying a busy life, Joan worships at Castle Hill.

May 1
Pina Bernard: Married with three children, Pina began her working life in Information Technology. She later taught High School Religious Education and Mathematics before taking on the parish role of Sacramental Coordinator. Pina is currently a member of the Catholic Life & Faith Formation team for the Diocese of Broken Bay.

Cristina Gomez: A theologian and the Life, Charity and Social Development Coordinator for Broken Bay Diocese, in her youth Cristina was involved with Antioch. Later she studied theology and became a research fellow at Boston, and currently Charles Sturt. Cristina is particularly interested in issues connected with women, migrants, and the environment.

June 5
Rev Lorna Martin: Born in Canada & trained as Teacher & Diaconal Minister with the Canadian Presbyterian Church Lorna worked as Education & Resource Consultant before joining the Uniting
Church of Australia in 1985. She has ministered in Queensland, South Australia and NSW, and is currently at Gosford. Lorna is passionate about enabling people to use their gifts to serve God.

Sharon Clark: Sharon grew up in Gosford. She is a highly qualified Chaplain/ Pastoral Carer with many years of experience working in a wide range of areas including Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities and Community Home Visits on the Central Coast and in Sydney. Through her work she has learnt how to listen, support and journey with people wherever they are at.

July 3
Speaker (tbc)

August 7
Robert Brooks: Robert has chosen to tell you about the latter part of his life’s journey, in particular about the trauma that led him to seek help, which he found in a book by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, a Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. This book had a profound influence on him, for which he is so grateful.

Rev Peter Martin: Born and raised in Adelaide Peter first worked in the Printing industry for 23 years. Ordained in the UC in 1990, he ministered in SA, NSW and QLD before retiring on the Central Coast. Many difficult experiences have challenged his faith and spirituality, but God’s sustaining presence has always been a constant.

September 4
Julie Telfer: With a Bachelor of Theology, Julie has worked in Chaplaincy at RNSH & Gosford Hospital. Currently the Uniting Chaplaincy Convenor, Central Coast, Hunter & New England, Julie leads a team of Chaplains & Pastoral Practitioners. She is Chaplain to all peoples irrespective of their religious belief or no belief.

Margot Auld: A shy student who nevertheless played Bottom in a school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a woman executive in a man’s world, a nervous speaker who made regular speeches as a school principal, Margot’s spiritual journey demonstrates God’s work to mould a “lump of clay” into a useful vessel.

October 2
Rev Graham Brookes: A retired Uniting Church Minister, Graham spent some years during the 1970s working for the Protestant Church of Timor (Indonesia). He later served the U.C. Armidale Parish before becoming National Director of the U.C.’s Overseas Programs. Graham finished active ministry as Parish Minister in Lakemba, a suburb with a large Muslim population.

John Hegarty: A grandfather and former teacher, principal and counsellor in NSW and abroad, John has extensive experience as a community volunteer in many organisations, including as a Board Member of World Citizens Association Australia. At 83 he sees everybody as ordinary, extraordinary and unique, and affirms “life gets better every day”.

November 6
Special Guest Speaker
Noel Davis: An educator and former member of a religious teaching order, Noel and his wife Trish have led reflection days and weekend retreats. Best known for his writings and poetry, Noel’s passion is sharing reflections on growth to freedom in the Spirit. His challenges – to live them every day.

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Spirituality In The Pub

Spirituality in the Pub (SIP) commenced in 1995 and is one of the forums for conversation instituted by Catalyst for Renewal Inc. SIP is one modest but potentially very life-giving attempt to provide a contemporary forum – what better place than in a pub! – where conversation can emerge as a transforming force. It is not “just talk”!

The idea is as simple as it is effective: Two competent speakers – usually a man and a woman – lead the conversation on a topic that is of some significance – often a social justice issue – each sharing their thoughts for a total of approximately thirty minutes. This is followed by approximately one hour when those present are invited to share in the conversation by asking questions or making comments to which the speakers and those others present are invited to respond.

The first SIP event was held at the Bellevue Hotel, Hargrave St, Paddington (Sydney) in May 1995. The number of SIP venues across NSW, Victoria and Queensland grew to over 30 by 2008 and in 2017 there are 15 groups meeting regularly.

Those who attend SIP come from a wide range of backgrounds – those who are ‘church shy’, or see themselves on the fringe of conventional religious experience; those from within the mainstream Catholic Church and those from other faith traditions; and some with no particular religious affiliations at all. Some do not believe in God. All are welcome.

Competent, articulate people who have something worthwhile to say, both from the ranks of the well known and those less known, give their time voluntarily and generously to help lead us in good, probing conversation. The number of speakers is now in the thousands across Australia.

In an era of declining involvement with and attendance at formal institutional religious events and services, SPIRITUALITY IN THE PUB seems to be tapping into a real need in our society. We seem to find in SIP something much richer and more transforming than mere intellectual debate or discussion.

Enquiries from groups interested to start SIP at a new venue are welcome. We encourage you to attend a SIP 3D Day to gain insight into the ways other SIPs work. In any event, please contact us to discuss your proposal.