Fr Paul who was ordained in 2011 after a career in Catholic education shared with us his vision of what a parish priest should be and his experience in this role. 

 He emphasised that prayer was the foundation of the life of a priest, no priest can be too busy with parish tasks neglect this. And there are many tasks, leading and organising worship, and the provision of sacraments, care of parishioners, especially children in schools in the parish and the sick. (He has six schools in his parish including two for children with special needs.) As a leader he is assisted by the riches of the Catholic tradition, the priorities and spirituality of a diverse group of people can be accommodated. His job is not to impose his taste in music, devotional practice and the like, but to lead teams which can accompany people on their faith journey. We humans seek to be members of a community and he emphasises the need for hospitality, for welcoming people into communities within the parish.
A little aside, why do some people find a Mass in Latin more reverent?