Spirituality in the Pub — Paddington

Come, share a drink and continue to engage in stimulating conversation

Each SIP night runs from 7.30PM to 9PM

Paddington RSL Club
220 – 232 Oxford St Paddington NSW 2021

Program for 2019

Our 2019 theme is ‘Sharing the Journey’


6th March“Sharing the Journey”. Speakers: Fiona Hastings, Principal, Sancta Sophia College, Sydney University & Rev Jon Owen, Pastor, Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross


3rd April: “Sharing the Journey– across borders”. Speakers: Bilal Fazili, a Muslim Outreach Worker who works with disenfranchised youth & Frances Rush, CEO of The Asylum Seekers Centre

1st May: “Sharing the Journey – History in the making, following the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse”.  Speakers: Noel Debien, a religion specialist with the ABC’s radio religion and ethics unit & Dr John Carmody, President of the Catholic Historical Society


5th June: “Sharing the Journey – through addiction”.  Speakers TBA

3rd July: NAIDOC WEEK“Sharing the Journey . Voice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s work together for a shared future”. Speakers TBA

7th August: “Sharing the Journey – towards the end of life”. Speakers:

Prof  Dr Margaret Somerville, Professor of Ethics at Notre Dame University & Nicholas Eddy, Principal Lawyer, Nicholas Eddy & Co, specialising in Wills, Powers Of Attorney & Guardianship

4th September: “Sharing the Journey – through sport”. Speakers TBA

2nd October: “Sharing the Journey – through the magic of words”.  Speakers TBA